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“Louiiissssssssss. Ohhhhhh Louiiissssssssss…” Liam and Harry were singing Louis’ name as they looked for the oldest of One Direction. Liam, Harry, Niall and Zayn were all out for revenge. Louis was the soul tickler in the recent tortures of Zayn, Niall, Harry and Liam. And now, the thirst for revenge was even greater than Niall’s hunger for Nando’s.
“I can’t let them find me” Louis thought. “They won’t stop till I pass out. I can’t let that happen.” Louis was hidden in the den of the beach house, hiding behind a folded up Ping-Pong table. Louis then heard 4 pairs of feet slowly making their descent down the stairs to the den.
“Look everywhere guys. He’s got to be down here somewhere. This is the only place he could be. His shoes are still there, and so are his car keys and his car. He’s down here.” Liam said already looking behind the bar and under the pool table.
“Hey Harry, are those feet I see behind the Ping-Pong table?” Zayn whispered to Harry. The youngest lad turned his head and grinned ear to ear.
“Let’s get on both sides of him.” Harry said as they tiptoed over.
“AHA. GOT YOU NOW TOMLINSON.” Zayn said in triumph.
“NO PLEASE. LET ME GO. I’M SORRY.” Louis thrashed as Liam and Niall rushed over to help pin him down.
“Sorry isn’t going to save you now Boobear. Consider yourself lucky we haven’t started already. But don’t worry, we’ll keep you laughing.” Harry said winking as he pulled up Louis’ shirt. Harry started poking Louis’ waist while Niall and Zayn waited at his knees and his feet. They were the grand finale. Liam was stationed at Louis’ underarms and the tops of his ribs. He was going to enjoy every second of the sweet, sweet revenge.
“Hareheheheheheehey stahahahahp.” Louis giggle’s sounded like warm honey bubbling up.
“Oh but we’ve only just begun Boo.” Harry said digging into Louis’ waist. Signaling Liam to start to spider one underarm and his ribs.
“HAHAHAAHAHAHAZZAHAHA LEHEHEHEHEUM PLEASE STAHAHAHAP.” Louis laughed as Harry’s finger’s would occasionally brush over his navel.
“Wehelhel. What do we have here? Liam stop for a second. I want to check this out.” The youngest lad smiled a Cheshire smile as he started drawing wide, slow circles around Louis’ navel, causing jumps when it brushed too close.
“And now, the moment we’ve been waiting for ladies and gentleman, drumroll please.” Liam sounded just like an announcer as Zayn and Niall started drumming the floor as Harry’s wiggling and swirling finger made it’s descent into Louis’ bellybutton.
“NO PLEASE HARRY PLEASE MERCY HAREHEHEHEHEHEHEHEY NOHOHOHOHOHOHO I’M BEHEHEHEING YOUHOHOHOHO.” Louis thrashed more than before and threw his head back and laughed huge belly laughs.
“Oh, you’re begging me are you? Well let’s keep it up, you’re so cute when you beg.” Harry said using his other hand to dig into Louis’ abs. Making Louis feel like he’d been electrocuted. Liam struck in both of Louis’ underarms, scribbling and scratching like it was his job.
“Oh, Zayn and Niall. You can join us now. Time for the Grand Finale Louis.” Liam whispered into Louis’ ear.
“Okay Nini. One, two, THREE.” Zayn counted down, and when he hit one, Niall’s hands flew like lightning squeezing Louis’ knee and tickling under his knee, while Zayn spidered Louis’ arches and toes.
“Ah ah ah, you didn’t listen to us, so we’re not going to listen to you.” Harry said digging into Louis’ ribs. “Wait a minute guys. I think we’re all forgetting something. Who wants to give Louis his well earned Raspberry?” Harry said winking at Louis.
“NO PLEASE DO WHATEVER JUST PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NO A RASPBERRY.” Louis strugged and bucked to try to break their hold on him. Suddenly, Zayn slowly raised Louis’ reddening body towards his warm, soft lips, Zayn’s stubble brushing his tummy while Zayn took a deep breath, and blew on Louis’ navel.
“OH MY GAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHD.” Louis screamed and arched his back and passed out.
“Nini, go grab Louis a new shirt and some waters.” Liam suddenly became Daddy Direction.
Whilst Niall scampered to get the items, Zayn shook Louis awake. Louis’ eyes flew open and he backed up and went against the way.
“Please. No more. Please.” Louis started tearing up. Niall then reappeared and saw Louis’ tearing up. The rest of the lad’s hearts shattered at the sight of Louis crying from what they did.
“Boo bear. I’m so sorry, I should’ve had us stop before the Raspberry. I’m so sorry.” Harry wrapped his arms around Louis tightly and suddenly felt tiny pecks on his neck causing tickling sensations.
“Lohohohis whahahat’re youhoho dohohing.” Harry said still hugging his boyfriend.
“Just saying I forgive you.” Louis looked up into Harry’s emerald eyes while Harry was staring into Louis’ blue-green eyes.
“AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW…” Liam, Zayn, and Niall all cooed in sync as Niall tossed Louis the waters and the shirt. Harry blushed dark red and stood up helping Louis up.
“So who wants dinner?” Niall said holding up a Nando’s menu, causing the other 4 boys to burst into laughter.
QuickSilverShadow has got to be the most important person to me right now. She gave me the inspiration to start fanfictions. Love you Kirsten
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Citrine2 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015
Soooo cuuute oh my gawd
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i love this story soooooooooooo much!!!!!
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Love you too :) THIS WAS SOOOOO PERFECT I love when Lou get's tortured
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